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Learn from a seasoned professional writer in this unique series of hands-on workshops.

Are you ready to get paid for writing?

International and Non-native English Speakers Welcome!

Open New Possibilities

I know you're a writer. Otherwise, this offer would be of no interest to you. But do you know there are many avenues leading to getting paid by writing? Do you know how to find them? Make connections found in old ideas to spark new concepts. Take part in writer brainstorming sessions that can be life-changing.

Learn the Essentials

To get paid by writing, you need to know much more than grammar and style. You must be keenly aware of standards in your niche. Your job is not only to grab the right reader's attention and hold it until the purpose for the work is accomplished. You must do that for your editor and publisher, too. This is the skill that separates the "want to be" writers from working writers.

Marketing for Writers

You can write the best article, book, or sales page ever ... but your work must get seen before it can be sold. Learn how to find your best prospects and reach them effectively. We cover ads, social media marketing, search engine optimization, guest blogging, and more. 

can you afford this level of education?

What If You Could Earn Your Writers Club Tuition?

This is not your typical membership. The primary aim of this work is to help would-be writers and copywriters get their careers up and going as quickly as possible.

  • The teacher has already walked the path.
  • You'll learn how to pick your direction and begin working towards your dream of getting paid to write from home (or anywhere else you choose). 
  • Whether you earn by taking on clients right away or get chosen for our tuition assistance program, once you've put this system to work the tuition will seem way under-priced (and it is). 
  • No long term contracts.  Learn more to earn more.

Each week, students may submit articles for publication. If your article is chosen, you don't pay next month's tuition.

  • Many students will be earning 10x or more the low cost of the tuition after the first month.
  • The question is not, What will it cost me to attend?, but "What will it cost if I don't?" 
  • These workshops are your ticket to financial stability. Good writers are always in demand.
  • These workshops get you on the payday path.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

how it works

Learn at your own pace, plus attend weekly Zoom sessions live with a working professional writer

You'll take the basic course online and at your own pace. The video sessions are available online 24/7. 

Once each week (time and day vary to accommodate different time zones) you're invited to a Zoom conference with your teacher. Ask questions. Get fresh training. Meet other writers.

testimonials for the get paid by writing instructor

Comments from paid writers who joined in on the workshops

I'm thrilled to share I was offered the position. I genuinely appreciate your support, and I'm sure your confidence in my writing ability helped with the hiring decision.


Former student and journalist

I appreciate that Don guides me through to the next step. He’s a coach that leads me where I need to go and keeps me accountable.


Former student and online marketer

Once again my meeting with Don (for a technical writing question) had much value added that the mere question. I came away with an exercise to stir up the creative spirit within!!! Thank you.


former student and author

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