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Anyone who wants to earn money online must be ready to deal with rapid change. Online marketing is a dynamic and ever-changing occupation. Marketing is audience-driven. New tools and platforms are fine … but what does your audience want? What is the best way to respond to their needs? In this article, we’ll look at current trends every digital marketer should consider.

Customers love personalization

Most people are bombarded by hundreds of ads daily. Every time you go online, you’ll be served up ads. Open your email inbox and you’ll see plenty more. If you want to stand out in this noisy marketplace, then relevance and personalization are critical.

Whenever you can and wherever it’s appropriate, call you customers by name, provide service and product suggestions based on their individual preferences. Let them know you think of them as individuals.

Provide shopping ideas in your social media posts

Social media posts can get plenty of attention — especially if they’re funny or inspirational in some way. Sometimes, they even produce a viral effect. There’s one thing many of those social media blockbusters miss, though — a link to buy something related to the post. Every piece of content you produce should in some way lead to a sale. Otherwise, you’re not in business. Notice, we said “lead to a sale,” not “make a sale.” Your prospects are on a journey. They want to know you better and they want to know you care about them. Help them on the way.

Make plenty of room for interactivity

People who feel like you want to hear what they have to say will stay on your site longer and come back more often. There are plenty of ways to provide room for interactivity — but it begins by being interactive yourself. Reply to comments. Answer questions. People will pay for access to experts. Be one.

Quizzes, challenges, open-ended questions — there are plenty of ways to encourage interactivity. Get them talking, and they’ll love you for it.

Don’t forget about interactivity

The search engines favor user-friendly sites, and that not only includes mobile responsiveness, but also accessibility for those with disabilities. Accessibility isn’t just a way way to be kind and considerate of others — it’s the law, thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

In 2019, there were 2,256 ADA website-accessibility lawsuits filed in the nation’s federal courts. The numbers flattened for 2020, but that doesn’t mean they’re going away. Go check the website of Maxwell Ivey, The Blind Blogger. If that doesn’t tell you why accessibility is important, a lawsuit might.

Get acquainted with voice search capabilities

Voice search — especially on mobile devices — is a huge trend. But people don’t necessarily use the same words or phrases to search via voice that they use when they’re keying a search in. You’ll want to capitalize on this trend by determining how to optimize your site for voice searches. Here’s a tip: Voice searches tend to be longer than text searches. Your content should be ready for both voice and text searches. The more effort you put into organic search results, the less money you’ll need to put into paid search.

Check out chatbots

Chatbots provide personalization, speed, and interactivity. They don’t do away with customer service or FAQ pages, but they definitely help. Customers are more accepting of chatbots than ever. You should be too. Chatbots cost little to launch, but provide much in benefits.

Do basic SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of methods you can use to get more traffic from search engines. One of the ways you can boost SEO is with relative content on your website. Search engines love fresh content, and they love content that’s easy for the searchbots to read. Don’t fall for the scammers that call you daily telling you they’ll get you on first page of search results for $50. Those guys will ruin your business. Learn the basics and do it yourself. SEO works, but it’s not one big thing. It’s a bunch of little things.

Making money online: 7 trends to watch (and do)

You’re probably already leveraging some of these trends, but maybe there are one or two you’ve yet to try. The first step is to take a picture (benchmark) of your current traffic, sales, or whatever data you’re using to measure success. Take a picture before you try the idea, then take a picture after it’s had a chance to work. You may be surprised at the uptick you can get from these seven simple tactics.

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