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7 Ways to Make Cash Money Right Now

The Online Money Monkey often gets emails from people who want to know the quickest way to make money fast. Some are short on paying house rent for the month, others are getting low on food and the paycheck isn’t coming for another week or two, but whatever the reason … they need to get some money, and they need it NOW.

Is it possible?

Here are seven surefire tips from the Monkey.

Earn money with surveys

Get quick cash by taking surveys online

Companies often need input from people outside of the circle to help them make decisions about products and marketing methods. They want to know what you think, and they’ll pay you to give them your advice.

Here’s how to get paid for taking surveys:

Register for ySense, then go to the Surveys section in the menu bar (see the screenshot above). This is one of the quickest, easiest, most surefire ways to get paid right away by working online.

Be your own boss when you drive for Uber or Lyft

You don’t even need to own a car to earn money by giving people rides or delivering things to them. Uber and Lyft will help you rent a car to use!

To find out whether either of the companies needs help in your area, go here to sign up to drive for Uber and go here to become your own boss when you drive for Lyft.

Earn money online with NeoBux

You can earn cash money by doing things like viewing advertisements, doing mini-jobs, even by playing games when you register with NeoBux.

The Monkey says NeoBux and ySense are at the head of the line for websites that will pay you to participate. There’s one thing you need to know about both of these options for earning money online, though — the real opportunity comes once you’ve made money with them yourself, then help spread the word and share the good news with others.

Looking for a way to earn a little money fast, but open the door to earning a lot of money down the road? Get started with NeoBux today.

Deliver food and groceries to get paid fast

We mentioned this when we talked about driving for Uber, but there are other services that will pay you to make deliveries, as well. Check out Instacart, for instance, and Grubhub.

Here, again, you don’t have to own a car to earn money. You can rent a car if you’d prefer. Most drivers find it only takes a few hours of work to pay for the car and gas on a daily basis. You’ll not only have a car to use for work, but you can drive it on personal business too!

Sell items you no longer need to get money right away

This isn’t true for everyone, but most of us have more stuff than we really need. You may have an old stereo turntable, bicycle, television set, or some other item you’re not using that another person would love to own.

You can advertise online (Craigslist, for instance), run an ad in the paper, or simply start getting the word out to people you know. A friend of the Monkey’s sold a guitar recently for over $400! The instrument hadn’t been played for years, but the new owner is strumming it every day.

Take a look around. If you have enough to sell, why not hold a “garage sale” or take your goods to a bazaar? This is one of the easiest ways ever to get paid fast … and you’ll appreciate the extra room you have when the things you no longer are using don’t need to be stored any longer.

Cash your coins in and put some dollars in your pocket

If you’ve a jar, can, or some other sort of “piggy bank” where you store coins, maybe it’s time to see how much you’ve saved. A surprising amount of money can build up quicker than you might think.

Be careful about where you cash your coins in, though. Many of the self-service machines will take a percentage of your funds as a convenience charge. Banks will usually give you coin wrappers for free. The Monkey recommends counting and rolling your own coins. Have fun. Make it a family job. Then go get groceries with the money!

Help your neighbors and get paid right away

Lots of people have small tasks that need done, but they don’t know who to ask for help. Some need housecleaning, others need small repairs completed around the house, still others need to get some weeds pulled or have the dog walked.

The options are limited only by your imagination. The Monkey says it would be impossible to walk more than three blocks in any direction, knocking on doors and offering to help … and not come home with money in your pocket!

Need money? You can get it right away, if you’re willing to try

We’ve listed seven ways you can earn money quickly, but there are many more opportunities available. For more ideas, subscribe to the Money Monkey mailing list. We’ll send you up-to-date information on the moneymaking tips we find.

For earning money online, nothing beats registering at ySense, though. You can get started quickly, easily, and the money is real. It’s one of the Monkey’s very favorite ways to get paid for working online.

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