The simplest ideas are often the best ideas … and this one is so simple and quick you won’t have any trouble at all understanding how it works.

To get started, you only need to know a handful of industry-related phrases. After that, the rest is like a walk on a beautiful day. It’s fun, and it can return plenty of benefits to you … if you get off your butt and into action.

3 moneymaking terms you should know

The concept behind this online moneymaking idea can seem a bit technical. But you don’t need to understand the technology in order to get well-paying work from companies of all types. They all need it.

Here are the three terms you need to know:

SEO: A shortcut way of saying “search engine optimization.” All companies need help with SEO. The higher the level of SEO for a website, the more often the pages for that site will show on a search engine results page (SERP). There are two ways to get found in search: pay for it or earn it. SEO earns it.

Keywords: You can describe any topic with a set of specific words related to that topic. For a website selling shoes, for instance, keywords might include terms like this: “athletic shoes,” “women’s shoes,” “walking shoes,” “boots,” “house slippers,” and such. The search engines look for keywords related to the products and services a business offers. And some of those keywords are “buy words.” They indicate the searcher is looking for something specific and may be ready to order it. You can help companies reach those people with certain kinds of keyword phrases.

Long-tail Keywords: Most companies can pretty quickly list quite a few keywords for their business. Because of that, the common words are highly competitive. A website’s chances of ranking for “running shoes” is pretty slim, for instance. Right now, Google indicates there are over 49 million webpages that talk about running shoes. Long-tail keywords add more description and cut down on competition. When I search on “running shoes for flat feet India,” for instance, I find only two results. But do you think there might be more people than that in India who have flat feet and want to find shoes that will allow them to run comfortably? Long-tail keywords can push a little-known company to the top of search results for the right phrases — but somebody need to identify those phrases (and get paid well to do it). That “somebody’ can be you.

Here is how to earn money with this method

Here are the facts of this moneymaking method:

  1. All companies doing business online can use long-tail keywords to get found more often and get found by the people looking for exactly what they offer
  2. Most companies doing business online aren’t using long-tail keywords at all or certainly aren’t using enough of them
  3. If you identify long-tail keywords for companies and approach them correctly with that information, many of them will gladly pay you for your services

Here’s how to start getting paid for finding long-tail keywords

It is possible to do this job by hand, and The Monkey can show you how to do that. Fortunately, though, there is a very special tool that finds these keywords for you. It’s an absolutely amazing tool that is flexible and straightforward. You can learn to use it in just a few minutes.

Rather than show you the long path to finding long-tail keywords, then, we’re going to show you the short path. With this tool you’ll be able to earn a whole lot more money a whole lot more quickly. Are you ready?

Take this step. It could change your life in a hurry:

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