You’ve heard there’s a huge demand for content online — that companies are always hungry for more blog posts, case studies, white papers, and other types of written work.

That’s true.

Writers are always in demand.

You’ve heard it’s easy to write for money. All you need to do is think of a good topic, write 1,000 words or so about it, and sell your work to the highest bidder. You’ve even heard it’s possible to “spin” articles — find something you like that’s already published in somebody else’s name, change a word here and there, then sell it as your own.

That’s not true.

Writers must know much more than how to string words together on a certain topic, they need to know how to get readers interested in the work, then encourage those readers to take the next logical step. And “spinning articles”? That’s a sure way to get yourself in deep trouble and never be trusted online again.

So how can you write for pay? How do you get started? What does it take? That’s exactly what the Monkey will reveal to you here.

FAQs About Writing for Money Online

To get started on your new career, check the following list of questions the Online Money Monkey hears most from friends and followers who want to start getting paid for writing about a topic they love.

How do I learn to write for money online?

The best way to learn to write is to read content similar to the material you want to write. Match the product, the audience, and the service … find all the common denominators you can to learn what’s selling, what’s getting shared, and what’s not. Don’t copy the best writing, though … mimic it. Look for the underlying style. Note the length of the work and the word choices. Become a student of the work you want to do.

Where do I sell my writing?

Your first job is to get known as a writer and to hone your skills. Publish your work on Medium and LinkedIn to make samples available to interested buyers. Those sites have no gatekeepers. You don’t need anyone’s permission to publish there, and they are respectable sites. The first question you’re going to get when you pitch your work is, “Link me to samples of your work.” Make sure you have at least three published articles to share. Then you can begin developing a list of projects. More about that is coming soon. To be among the first to get access, enter your email address in the opt-in form at the bottom of this article.

What should I write about?

You want to find the intersection of your knowledge and experience, your passion, and the realities of the market. If you’re an SEO expert with years of experience, there are plenty of editors that will want to see your articles. If you’re a specialist in basket weaving, there will be fewer. We get constant requests for suggestions on how to choose a niche. Keep checking back. We’ll prepare that soon. To be among the first to get access, enter your email address in the opt-in form at the bottom of this article.

What if my writing isn’t good enough?

That’s a good problem to have. Most people think they are excellent writers already. They have no desire to learn about writing for money. If you know you need help, you’re in the right place. The Online Money Monkey will help you get started. We’re in the process of creating that information. To be among the first to get access, enter your email address in the opt-in form at the bottom of this article.

How much can I get paid for writing?

That part is up to you. The more skills you develop, the better job you do of choosing and serving a niche … the more you’re going to be qualified to earn. How much do you want to make by writing from home (or anywhere else you choose to work)? … that’s the only question.

Earn Money by Writing is NOT a get rich quick scheme. You can do it if you want to badly enough, but writing is a real job. It is difficult to discipline yourself to write regularly, to look for clients, and to get your work visible online. Writing for money takes a lot of work. But positioning yourself to be your own boss is well worth the trouble.

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