Get paid for answering questions!

The Monkey has agreed to help the best-paying market research site on the planet build their database of people willing to help companies perform market research of all types. Basically, you answer questions about products, services, and concepts you are familiar with. If something is required beyond what you already possess (let’s say you’re to test a certain shampoo) the product or service you need to give your opinion on is provided to you without cost.

Why did The Online Money Monkey do this?

There are two primary reasons:

  1. Businesses severely need people willing to participate in market research. Your help allows them to create the products and services you need.
  2. Visitors to The Online Money Monkey (that’s you) can get substantial pay for participation — the average is over $100 per hour!

Here’s how this get-paid-to-work-online opportunity works

  • You first need to click here to go to the registration area.
  • Then you click on the method you want to use to sign up: Facebook, LinkedIn, or with your email address … your choice.
  • You then enter basic info about yourself (name, age, and contact info). NOTE that you’ll need to verify via a text message sent to your phone … so have that nearby.
  • After that comes a few more demographic questions (nothing difficult).
  • Then you enter your location.
  • Then enter your employment status and list up to five industries relative to your experience and capabilities (choose these carefully).
  • Next, you indicate how you would like to be PAID!

You can get registered (easily) in five minutes or so. Then comes the fun step. You can immediately browse the projects dashboard to see the assignments available to you.

For instance:

  • Get paid $100 to test earbuds/earphones
  • Get paid $125 to talk about artificial intelligence (AI) deployment
  • Get paid $190 to try out a mobile product
  • Get paid $25 to talk about construction work
  • Get paid $125 to give your opinion on laundry care

It’s absolutely amazing. Have fun and earn money at the same time.

Ready to begin?

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