Get Paid With YouTube

We’re going to let you in on something you can learn to do that will be a real benefit to small businesses and can earn you a ton of cash.

If you’ll put in the time to learn how to do this work, then invest a little more time at finding the people who need your help (and they’re everywhere), this is a business that can change your life forever.

What is it?

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to an occupation the Online Money Monkey says is one of the most promising opportunities on the internet. We’re talking about helping businesses develop video ads for YouTube. Getting started takes effort, but it’s worth it.

Are you ready?

Let’s begin by answering a few of the most frequently asked questions about earning money with YouTube video ads.

Why YouTube Video Ads Are Amazingly Effective

Video ads convert like nothing you’ve ever seen. Study after study proves that today’s online buyers are much more receptive to video ads than they are to text ads – even if it’s just a brief video that’s produced on site instead of in a studio.

Video ads engage the audience and create excitement. Plus you can deliver emotion, humor, and storytelling quicker with video than you can ever do with text. Most people will take a minute to watch a video ad, but how many will take time to read your long-form sales page, brochure, or book?

Watch the video below to see how a mom and pop business went from start-up to success by leveraging the power of YouTube ads.

How Do Businesses Benefit From YouTube Ads?

Even if you agree that audiences tend to respond better to video ads than they do to text ads, and you see where YouTube ads neither have to be very long nor do they have to be professionally produced, you may be wondering what the benefits are to the business. It’s one thing to launch an ad, but quite another to make sure there’s a healthy return on investment.

Keep reading.

Over 1.9 BILLION users access YouTube every single month. When you consider how huge the potential audience is, it’s easy to see the potential YouTube ads offer.

But won’t your YouTube video ad get lost in the sea of users and never actually get seen by the prospects your ads are designed to target? That’s part of what you need to learn in order to become effective.

You can narrow down your focus so your ad is shown ONLY to the people you’ve identified with the onboard targeting tools. That means your click-through rate and conversion rate can be optimized to produce maximum results.

Here’s a sampling of other statistics that make YouTube ads a really big deal for businesses around the globe:

  • Almost 80 percent of all internet users have a YouTube account, and many of them log in daily
  • YouTube visitors watch over a BILLION hours of videos DAILY
  • YouTube offers 80 different language choices — meaning 95 percent of the internet population can participate on YouTube
  • YouTube is localized in 100 countries around the globe
  • More than 70 percent of views on YouTube are by mobile device, and 37 percent of all mobile streaming consists of YouTube content

The average user spends over 40 minutes per session on YouTube. That’s 40 minutes you have to get your ad seen by the right audience and direct that traffic to your offer.

In comparison, you will have only a few minutes or even just a few seconds to get the prospect’s attention using a display ad on a search engines, web page, or social media sites. YouTube video ads give you maximum time to attract potential buyers for the products or services you’re selling.

Not only that, but YouTube provides free world-class analytics for your YouTube channel. It’s easy to pull a report on your channel’s reach, engagement, or audience — whether you’re running ads or not.

Watch the video below to see how LSTN headphones helps people live a better life by reaching prospects with their most important marketing tool: YouTube ads.

Is a YouTube Channel Required in Order to Run Ads?

The short answer is “Yes, you must have a YouTube Channel before you can run YouTube ads”.

When you create a video ad, you’ll need to host it on a YouTube Channel. You can use your own or that of your client, but every YouTube ad needs a home. That place is always a YouTube channel.

The process is simple — especially if you already have a Google account. (That’s because Google now owns YouTube.) Once you sign in to your Google account, you can then create a YouTube channel. They’re not the same thing.

Watch the video below to find out exactly how to get going with YouTube.

Do I Need to Hire Professional Help For Shooting YouTube Videos?

This is a commonly misunderstood concept. It keeps many businesses from launching a YouTube channel and from running YouTube ads.

They think that YouTube videos require them to hire a professional who has the right kind of video camera (preferably one that costs thousands of dollars), special equipment for lights and sound, and a studio for recording.

That’s not true, but it’s helpful to you because this false perception keeps your competition as a YouTube ads specialist fairly low.

None of that is necessary. You do need to create a high-quality video that lets viewers clearly see and understand your offer. You do need high-quality sound that will allow them to hear you, your background music, and whatever else is included in your video … but there are countless top-performing videos on YouTube that were shot with a smartphone and no other equipment. You don’t need much at all to get started with YouTube ads.

So, How Can I Earn Money With YouTube Ads?

Here’s the strategy the Online Money Monkey suggests for getting started with YouTube small business ads:

  1. Learn how to get started with YouTube
  2. Learn how to create video ads
  3. Find out who needs your services
  4. Provide the help they need
  5. Get paid
  6. Do it all over again

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