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How to Get a Legit Work from Home Job (FAQs)

​Do legit work-from-home jobs actually exist?

Can I really earn money online? Or do most people end up working a bunch of hours for free and end up with nothing but a headache?

The Online Money Monkey gets asked questions like that all the time.

So here’s a secret:

The Monkey’s first few attempts at finding the best work-from-home jobs failed. That’s right, the Monkey got scammed: hours of work and no pay.

Which is exactly how this website got started.

Once The Monkey figured out which jobs are real and which are fake – sharing that information with you became critical.

The purpose of the Online Money Monkey website is to save you from wasting time and suffering needless confusion in your search for a legit work from home job.

How to ​Get a Legit Work from Home Job

Is finding a legit work from home job even possible?

Yes! We’re living in an increasingly online world, and that includes jobs you can do from home. The beauty of working online is that you can work the hours you want and from where you want. You don’t have to wear any special clothes, and you don’t have to drive back and forth to work.

In a word, finding a legit work from home job means FREEDOM!

What are some examples of legit work from home jobs?

It would be impossible to list them all, but there are two basic kinds of online work:

  • Get Paid To (GPT) jobs
  • Pay to Click (PTC) jobs
  • Online freelance jobs

GPT and PTC jobs are the easiest and most dependable. The Online Money Monkey recommends sites like Neobux, ySense, and OfferNation. These are trustworthy sites where you can earn money fast by doing thinks like performing simple tasks, answering surveys, or even just visiting a certain web page.

Online freelance jobs are more like the jobs you get offline. They come with deadlines and pressure. They can also be difficult to get, usually don’t pay until the entire job is finished, and generally come with more requirements. Popular sites for freelance work include Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork.

How can I be sure an online job is legit?

You do the work and you want to get paid for it. The Monkey understands that completely.

Getting paid without having to deal with a major hassle is the largest concern for many who are looking for a legit job online. That’s for good reason, because there are plenty of scams out there.

Which brings us right back to why The Online Money Monkey is here:

We personally test all the sites we recommend, and we’ve never seen an Online Money Monkey site fail to pay. We can’t guarantee that of course, since we don’t own the sites …. but we personally test them before we recommend them.

Here are some of the tests we put sites through before saying they are legit:

  • The Monkey checks online reviews
  • The Monkey checks for proof of payouts
  • The Monkey checks age and reputation

If a site makes it through that intense​ scrutinizing process, The Monkey then invests time working for the site, pulls down a paycheck, and makes sure there are zero hassles.

Then and only then … The Monkey gives the thumbs up to you.

How do I get my first legit work from home job?

That’s another thing The Monkey loves about GPT and PTC jobs. All you need to do is register on the site and start working. How long do you have to wait before you get hired? No time at all.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3: sign up, complete jobs, and get paid!

With Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork, you might need to wait for ​weeks before you even get an interview. With Monkey-vetted sites, you can earn money TODAY.

How much will I get paid for working online? When will I get paid?

With legit GPT and PTC jobs, there are no deadlines. You work when you want to work, and you rest when you want to rest. Just keep in mind that the amount of work you put into the job determines how much you earn from it.

Payouts differ for each task and each site, but once you reach a certain threshold (averages about ten dollars minimum), you can cash ​out and get paid at any time. You get to choose the form of payout too. Legit online sites ​will instantly send your money via PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon gift cards, and more.

With online freelancing, it depends largely on what you do and how you do it. Your payment depends on the agreement between you and your employer. You may be contract-based (which means you’ll be paid on the date specified by the contract), or you could be project-based (pays out after you finish a certain project).

Do I need to have a college degree to qualify for an online job?

One of the great things about GPT and PTC sites is that there ​are no educational requirements for them. As long as you’re able to do the job, you get paid. It’s easy to earn money online with the sites The Monkey recommends.

With freelancing jobs, since they’re more like offline jobs, the requirements differ from employer to employer. Some employers require degrees. Others don’t. You should definitely make sure you qualify before spending a bunch of time applying for a job.

How do I get paid the most for working online?

With time and patience, you can get better paying jobs. In GPT and PTC, you can get more money by referring the site to other people and asking them to join using your affiliate.

It’s like network marketing where the “middle man” doesn’t exist:

  • You refer friends
  • They earn money
  • You get paid for bringing them on board!

Referrals are (in essence) a way to “clone yourself.” You don’t just get paid for your efforts, you earn from the work others do as well!

Whichever way you choose to go — GPT, PTC, focus on sending referrals, or any combination — the sites the Monkey recommends are the most legit ways we know of to earn quick cash online.

Here are the Monkey’s current top picks:

(1) Neobux

(2) ySense

(3) OfferNation

(4) Get-Paid

(5) Gift Hunter Club

​(6) Paid Viewpoint

​(7) RewardingWays