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How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to know HOW to get paid for working online?

Are you interested in finding out WHERE to make money online?

Is it your desire to make PLENTY of money by working online?

If that’s you, consider this idea:

The quickest way to earn the most money online is by learning how to do affiliate marketing. 

That’s why The Online Money Monkey wants YOU to know what affiliate marketing is and how you can begin taking advantage of its power to build an amazing income for you and your family.

Affiliate marketing pays

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a simple way for you to get paid for working online. For most people, it’s the most direct route to a paycheck online. 

Here is what you DON’T NEED for affiliate marketing:

  1. You don’t need a pocket full of money
  2. You don’t need to create products
  3. You don’t need to hire help
  4. You don’t need a huge social media following
  5. You don’t even need a website

Here’s is what you DO NEED to earn money online with affiliate marketing:

  1. You need a computer and internet access (at least part of the time)
  2. You need a little bit of education (and you can get that right here)
  3. You need a desire to help others

Affiliate marketers find products and services they know will be valuable to others. Then they ‘sign on as affiliates’ with the seller of those goods and services. Then they collect a “finder’s fee” (an affiliate commission) on the sales they help generate.

Where do you find companies willing to pay you for helping them promote their products?


Let’s talk about that next.

Where to find affiliate marketing opportunities

First off, all of the PTC and GPT sites the Monkey recommends have affiliate options. Those who dig in on those sites and share the good news about them with others can make a ton of cash.

Here’s the principle behind it:

Affiliate marketers work at scale. In other words, rather than get paid only on the work they do personally, their affiliate status allows them to ‘recruit’ others to help. Some affiliate marketers get a commission on the work thousands of other people are doing. That brings in a whole lot more income than they could generate working on their own.

When you promote exceptional goods, affiliate marketing is a classic win-win situation. The seller gets paid, you get paid, and the buyer gets the value from the purchase.

Take a look at Neobux, and you’ll see what we mean. All you have to do is register as a member (FREE), then get your affiliate link and start sharing it with others. Read this to find out more.

Here’s a list of all PTC and GPT sites The Monkey currently recommends:

(1) Neobux

(2) ySense

(3) Offer Nation

(4) Get-Paid

(5) Gift Hunter Club

​(6) Paid Viewpoint

​(7) RewardingWays

Every one of the sites above have been tested by The Online Money Monkey. They are reputable sites, they do what they say, and they pay what they promise. Imagine what could happen if you dig in to one or two of them, learn all the angles, then help others get started making money from home. As an affiliate marketer, your income would multiply.

That’s the way affiliate marketing works.

What other affiliate marketing opportunities are available?

The Online Money Monkey will soon be recommending sites that aren’t GPT and PTC. Stay tuned for that.

Here’s a plan:

Get going with one or two of the sites listed above. Earn some money yourself, then begin showing others how to do the same.

The Monkey is working hard to arrange some amazing opportunities.