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How to Get Paid for Referrals

Do you want to multiply the money you’re earning from working online?

Do the pay rates for pay-to-click (PTC) and get-paid-to (GPT) sites seem too low?


If you have the desire to get paid more for working online and are willing to put in a little extra work to get to the ​pay level you want to reach, then the information below is perfect for you.

What’s the best way to earn a lot of money with the sites the Online Money Monkey recommends?


Learning to leverage the money-making power of referrals can boost you to a much higher income level.

Referrals are the single most powerful thing you can do to earn maximum money with PTC and GPT.

Here’s how:

What are referrals?

Referrals are people who have joined the PTC or GPT site using your referral link, thereby confirming that you invited them to join.

Your referral links are customized to make sure the site gives you the credit for new signups.

Never feel bad about asking someone to use your referral link. Not only does it not cost them anything, but it gives them the advantage of having you in their court.

The more money your referrals earn, the more money you earn. It’s a beautiful arrangement.

How does referring people to PTC and GPT websites help you earn?

There are two ways to earn with referrals: signup bonuses and activity bonuses.

Signup bonuses

In the “real world,” companies often give cash bonuses to current staff members who refer new applicants. Once the referrals are hired and have completed probation (the usual arrangement), the person who made the introduction gets a nice chunk of cash.

It’s the same in the world of PTC and GPT. You can get paid for referring new members to the website. When they sign up (using your referral link), you earn money.

Pretty easy work, right?

Activity bonuses

Activity bonuses multiply your earnings even more. When your referrals get paid for their work on the platform, you get a mirrored percentage.

Each site has its own way of creating the payouts, but the minimum is usually about 10 percent. That means that when someone you refer earns $100, you get an activity bonus of $10 (again, ten percent is pretty well the minimum you can expect).

Ten dollars might seem like a small amount, but it can multiply quickly. Every bonus goes into your pot. Not only that, but remember it is money you can earn from the work someone else is doing.

How to multiply your referral money

The more referrals you send to the sites you have an affiliate relationship with, the more money you can earn.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say the people you refer are working online part time and earn $100 per week from their activity.

For each referral, then, you’re earning $10 per week or $40 per month.

Still doesn’t sound like big money?

What happens after 1,000 people have signed up using your referral link? Doing the math, that would mean you get an astounding $10,000 per week or $40,000 per month!

Sounds incredible?

It is.

But guess what: Plenty of people are earning that kind of money with PTC and GPT referrals.

You can earn even more with referrals

Most sites pay you for everything your referrals do to earn money.

That means that when they are rewarded for signing up others and when the people they sign up earn money from the site, you’ll also get a percentage.

The more money they make, the more money you make.

How to get referrals

Referrals are basically invitations you give to others. That means you should set up ways to invite people daily.

The more people you invite, the more you will earn.

There are two kinds of people in this world: people you already know and people you don’t know yet.

You should invite both types.

Start by sharing how to earn money online with your family and friends. Branch out to reach others with the good news.

Most of us have hundreds of friends on Facebook, for example. Tell them about the fun you’re having and how easy it is to develop a steady income online.

They will want to know how they can do it too.

You can also can invite people you don’t know.

Post on forums, create a Facebook group about how to make money online, start a blog or authority site.

When you help others earn, they’ll help you.

Share your referral links and your knowledge about earning online regularly. The more you do it, the more you’ll earn, and the better you’ll get at affiliate marketing.

One warning:

Don’t spam people or sites. Make sure your posts are more about how you can help people than about how people can help you.

You should give before you expect to get.

The BIG SECRET to earning money with referrals

We’ve saved the best tip for last (although we mentioned it briefly a little bit earlier).

Here it is:

Don’t just sign people up and leave it up to them to figure out how to get their online money-making business going all by themselves.

Help them.

Keep providing value to those you refer by first learning, then teaching the same things the Online Money Monkey is teaching you here.

Share the wealth and you’ll have wealth.

Help others and they’ll help you!

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