get paid to write from home or at the beach

When most people think about getting paid to write, they envision becoming a novelist who creates the next bestselling book. That is one way to earn money by writing, but there are many more. Here are The Monkey’s top examples to help turn your skill for writing into a substantial monthly income.

Write articles for businesses

Every business needs written content. They need copy for their websites, advertising copy, newsletters, emails, white papers, social media content … but they especially need an ongoing source of keyword-rich articles. Your job is to help companies rank higher in search engine results and get more business. The market for article writers is huge. It’s entirely possible for you to earn hundreds of dollars every day as an article writer.

Write ebooks for yourself

Ebooks are hot properties on Amazon and other platforms. Unlike article writing, where you have to keep producing content to get paid, your ebooks will keep producing income for years to come. And the more people discover and buy your ebooks, the more popular (and profitable) your ebooks will become. Turn your knowledge and research skills into cash with ebooks.

Write ebooks for others

There’s another way to profit from ebooks. You can write them for others. Of course, you’ll need to charge a good price for your services, since you typically will get paid only once. Ebooks are especially good “calling cards.” Let’s say you know a business person who wants to be known as a thought leader in his or her specialty. An excellent way to do that is to publish a book in that person’s name. They provide the outline, and you write the ebook. Depending on the length, you can earn anywhere from $500 to $5,000 or more as a ghostwriter for ebooks.

Write advertising copy

Most businesses need to advertise their products or services, but few writers know how to write ad copy that brings in a worthwhile return on investment for the ad spend. As an advertising copy specialist, you’ll help businesses grow profits (while growing your own income). Don’t be fooled. Even a short display ad takes knowledge about persuasive writing and considerable insight on the company and the company’s best prospects. You can earn hundreds of dollars for a few hours work as an ad writer.

Write email campaigns

Everybody hates spam mail, but email marketing is still one of the most effective ways around for sellers to reach prospects. The trick is in writing emails people are glad to get and want to read. That’s where you come in. Email copy specialists typically work on a monthly retainer of $800 to $2,000 or more per month, depending on how many emails the company wants to send each week.

Promote your own products or services

Who says you have to write for someone else (other than your customers) at all? Many writers choose to create their own articles and ads for products/services they’ve created. Not only will you save the money you would normally have to pay a writer, but you have absolute control over timing. You know your audience better than anyone. Why not develop something they need and want. Income here is up to you. Some writers earn more money in a month than most people earn in a year.

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