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If you could earn a few hundred extra dollars every month, what would you do with it?

(Be careful, there are plenty of scams out there that won’t earn you money but can actually cost you money.)

Have you kissed more than a few frogs while trying to find a way to earn money online from home?

We have too. It can make you feel like giving up.

Let’s take a look at something the Online Money Monkey says actually works. It’s not a “get rich quick” scheme — but it can definitely give you regular monthly income you can count on to help pay the bills.

In this article, we’ll cover Paid to Click (PTC) websites:

  • Are PTC opportunities for real?
  • How do PTC sites work?
  • How much can you earn monthly with PTC?
  • How do you get started?

Here’s the scoop on earning money online with PTC — straight from the Online Money Monkey.

He’s one guy you can trust.

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Do PTC Sites Really Pay Off?

Okay, let’s start with, “Are PTC opportunities for real?”

Here’s the short answer:

Yes, they are very much for real. The Online Money Monkey has earned thousands of dollars from PTC work (and the monkey has a secret to share with you later).

How do PTC sites work?

Paid to Click sites are websites where you click and view advertisements … then get paid. The advertisers pay YOU to watch their ads.

You don’t have to buy anything (though you can if you want), you earn money by simply watching.

But you might be wondering, “Why would someone pay people to view their sites? Do views really matter that much?”

Yes. They matter a lot.

Advertising sells things — it’s like YouTube views or getting customers to a brick-and-mortar store. The more traffic you get from targeted people, the more you can sell and the more you can earn.

It’s the “Sales is a numbers game” approach.

More views also increases the company’s chances to be found by search engines Bing or Google.

And that’s necessary enough for advertisers to want to pay for it.

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But how exactly can you get paid? How can you make this money online?

You log into a PTC site and you click on the ads you want to view. It’s really just click, click, and click. Then, the PTC website pays you (per ad) a portion of what the advertisers pay them.

I know it seems almost too good to be true. But the truth is, it’s not as simple as it’s made out to be. But with enough determination and planning you can earn a decent income from this online money-making tool.

Beware: Not all PTC sites are made equal

Not all PTC sites are legitimate though. Some are scams, some come up with ways to avoid paying you … and some actually work.

Remember: The Online Money Monkey will only point you to the good guys, never to the bad guys.

By the way, Neobux is one of the most trusted PTC websites. Not only that, but it goes beyond PTC to offer one of the most comprehensive Get Paid To (GPT) sites you can find.

Highly recommended.

Just tell them the Monkey sent you.

How much can you earn with PTC?

Here’s what happens:

Many people get started with PTC and end up discovering the pay isn’t much. You might spend an hour and only end up with a few bucks.

Take THIS TIP from the Online Money Monkey and PTC can pay off for you:

To actually get significant money from PTC sites, you need direct referrals.

What are direct referrals?

There are people who are able to earn $1000 to $2000 per month from referrals.

Direct referrals mean that you refer a person to join the PTC site through your referral link. This may be your friend, your partner, your family member, or just someone you found on Facebook.

BIG TIP: You can even advertise your referral link!

On clicking your referral link and joining you get a referral bonus and another bit of income every time they click on their ads. The more you refer and the more they click … the more money you get.

Do you see now why visiting and joining the sites from the links here on The Online Money Monkey help BOTH of us?

Isn’t that cool?

Tell your friends. Get them going. The more we work together, the better we ALL do!

Earn even more online money with Premium packages

There’s also this thing called “Premium PTC” packages.

This works only if you have enough direct referrals AND if your direct referrals are active on the site. Premium membership packages ask you to pay a bit to earn more per click from your direct referrals.

You get paid whenever they upgrade to a premium membership as well!

How do I get started with PTC?

To get started with Paid to Click sites, click on one or both of the links below:

But be wary of sites you come across that meet any of the following criteria:

  • PTC sites that block clickers randomly so they don’t have to pay out
  • PTC sites that supposedly pay more than $1 or $10 dollars per click
  • PTC sites that just started up and make extravagant promises

If you have any questions, check back here with the monkey.

Once again: sign up with one of the trustworthy sites we’ve mentioned:

Then follow these tips to make as much money as you can:

  • Click on your ads as much as possible
  • Keep referring others
  • If you’re sure about the referrals you can get, go for a premium membership before you refer

If you’ve figured out that those “get rich quick schemes” you keep seeing online are really just ways for the people selling them to get rich quick, and if earning a regular monthly income from something real beats spending money every month on things that don’t work … then you’re ready for PTC.

So what are you waiting for?

Get started now!

ALL Sites Currently Recommended By the Online Money Monkey

(1) Neobux

(2) ySense

(3) OfferNation

(4) Get-Paid

(5) Gift Hunter Club

(6) Paidviewpoint

(7) RewardingWays

IMPORTANT: To maintain good standing with ANY money-making site be sure to create only one account for yourself and be sure to use a genuine ISP internet connection. Do not connect via proxies, VPS, VPN, or any type of shared connection. Don’t risk your online income by ignoring the requirements of membership.

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